1. Regional geology of sedimentary basins: tectonics, lithology, geochemistry, paleogeography, diagenesis and catagenesis of sedimentary rocks;
2. Stratigraphy and paleontology, isotope-geochemical and geochronological methods in stratigraphy, regional stratigraphy of sedimentary basins of Siberia, sequenсе stratigraphy;
3. Regional geophysics and geophysical methods of hydrocarbon exploration, well and field geophysics;
4. Organic geochemistry, the theory of naphthidogenesis, geochemical methods of hydrocarbon exploration;
5. Hydrogeology, hydrogeochemistry of sedimentary basins, paleohydrogeology;
6. Prospecting and exploration of oil and gas fields, oilfield geology;
7. Mathematical methods and information systems in geology and geophysics;
8. Modeling in oil and gas geology, methods of computer and laboratory modeling, identifying patterns of location of fields, theoretical foundations of methods and assessment of hydrocarbon resources;
9. Production and arrangement of hydrocarbon fields, methods of enhanced oil recovery;
10. Deposits with hard-to-recover oil reserves, methods of their exploration and production;
11. Economics of the oil and gas industry, strategic problems in the development of the oil and gas industry, processing and transportation of hydrocarbons.