Abstract submission

To participate in the All-Russian Youth Scientific Conference with the participation of foreign scientists "Trofimuk Readings - 2019" you need:
1. Register on the conference website
2. Attach on the website an article and a scanned copy of the consent to the publication of materials with the signatures of all authors and an expert opinion on the possibility of open publication.
3. Pay the registration fee.

The conference materials will be included in the RISC and will be posted free of charge at

1. The volume of article is 3 pages, including tables, references and illustrations;
2. Articles must be carefully edited!
3. The beginning of the article is made strictly on the template:
• In the document, for each element of the article, Styles are used (they are named after the Paper *** pattern).For UDC - PaperUDK, for Header - PaperTitle, etc.Care should be taken that when formatting an article, styles are preserved, as in the Template.


• Images in .gif, .tif and .jpg formats should have a resolution of 300 dpi. Graphics can be color or black and white (shades of gray), directly related to the text and contribute to its reduction. Line thickness not less than 0.5 pt.
• For equations and formulas use the integrated formula editor.

Avoid making figure captions in graphic editors!

4. References are numbered in alphabetical order. References in the text in square brackets.
5. Fields in the document: 1.5 cm above, 2.5 cm below, right 1.5 cm and 3 cm left. Pages are not numbered.
6. Article, consent to the publication of materials and expert opinion are uploaded to the conference website. File names should begin with the last name, then put the section number (from 1 to 11 in circular), then write the document type. For example, Kuznetsov_4_article, Kuznetsov_4_ agreement, Kuznetsov_4_expert opinion.

One author may submit no more than two articles for participation in the Conference.
(including in co-authorship)

The program committee reserves the right to reject articles that
do not correspond to the conference topics or are improperly formatted!